Welcome to Holly Hills School,

Westampton Township Public Schools

We are now accepting pre-registrations for 2014-2015

 Grades K thru 4.

After pre-registering, please call Holly Hills School to make an appointment to complete registration and schedule your child's screening appointment.  609-267-8565

 Please pre-register by clicking here.

          We are pleased to announce that we have revised our standards-based report card in time for this current school year.  The basic format of this report card has remained the same; however, you will notice some changes that will be explained in this information sheet.

          The following are a list of revisions to this year’s report card:


  • Skills have been aligned to the Common Core State Standards by revisiting the wording of the skill statements and reformatting the order of these skill statements.
  • Skill indicators/grades have been revised on the 1st and 2nd grade report card to provide a more specific indication of where the student is performing.
  • Work skills and social skills sections have been moved to the back of the report card.
  • Skills indicators for work/social skills have been revised on the K-2 report cards to provide a more specific indication of student behaviors and habits.


Welcome to Holly Hills School

Grades K - 4

Dr. Rachel Feldman, Principal

 Cindy Stephens, Secretary to the Principal

Office Hours: 

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


School hours:

Normal day - 8:35 - 3:35

Before Care drop off begins at 7am


Early dismissal - 8:35 - 1:05pm


Two hour delay - 10:35 - 3:35

Before Care drop off begins at 9am

(buses will come 2 hours later - for ex: if your child gets picked up at 8:10am, they will get picked up at 10:10am)

School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Mrs. Danica Carmichael, School Counselor
500 Ogden Drive, Westampton, NJ 08060
609-267-8565 x2008
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mr. Matt Andris, WMS Principal
700 Rancocas Road, Westampton, NJ 08060
609-267-2722 x1004